Custom Logo Pickleball Paddle

Custom Logo Pickleball Paddle

So, you want to design a custom logo pickleball paddle? You have come to the right place! Bringing your own ideas to life is an amazing way to enjoy the sport of pickleball that we all love. Each time a player can include their company, team, or personal logo on a paddle it becomes even more valuable to that player; however, the design process can be a bit confusing. Therefore, we are here to help you understand the many ways you can design your custom paddle.

Step 1: Choose Your Custom Logo Pickleball Paddle

First, you need to know what type of paddle you want to use. There are many options to select when designing the actual paddle that fits your playing style. You can customize the paddle shape, thickness, and the core. There are many variations of paddle shapes: elongated, short, wide, narrow, etc. Depending on your playing style, you may want to choose a specific paddle shape for your custom logo pickleball paddle.

The next thing you need to focus on is your paddle thickness. Paddles come in a variety of thicknesses, but generally stay between the 13mm-16mm thickness. For more power, players may want to choose a thicker paddle with a denser core. Last, the core is arguably the most important part of a custom logo pickleball paddle. There are many different core materials to suite your needs: polypropylene, fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite, and much more. Make sure your paddle is exactly how you want it before proceeding. 

Step 2: Ensure Your Custom logo Pickleball Paddle Meets USA Pickleball Requirements

USA Pickleball is the sanctioning body of pickleball. They constantly update a list of approved paddles, balls, and nets. Each custom paddle is required to meet USA Pickleball’s requirements for paddles. These can be found on their website. If you plan to play in USA Pickleball sanctioned tournaments, it is key to make sure you build your custom logo pickleball paddle through an approved paddle company, so you aren’t left with any surprises.

Step 3: Choose Your Colors

Every person has a favorite color. Therefore, it is important to know which colors you would like to incorporate with your custom logo pickleball paddle. There are many options to customize the colors on your paddle; this includes your grips, edge guard, end cap, and the background behind your logo. If you are wanting to create a theme to your paddle, it might be smart to include a few colors that match; however, if you are a colorful person and an even more colorful player, it would be great to incorporate many different colors in your custom logo pickleball paddle to make it fun!

Step 4: Provide Your Logo

Your logo is the most important part for all other players, including yourself, to see. Therefore, it is important to ensure your logo is a good quality picture or image to avoid pixelated graphics on the paddle. If you image is not clear enough, it is smart to convert the image for your custom logo pickleball paddle to a vector form. This will ensure that each time you play pickleball your logo is clear for all to see.


In conclusion, a custom logo pickelball paddle is a great way to show off your skills at the courts! Each paddle is customizable to many degrees with unlimited options; however, it is important to ensure your paddle meets all the requirements for a paddle to be approved, and that it is approved by USA Pickleball. Ensure you go through the design process before you find a company like Salted City Sports to make your custom logo picklaball paddle!

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