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Custom Pickleball Paddle Info

Fill out the form above and our team will reach out within 1 business day to start building your custom pickle ball paddle.

SCS is the only brand that allows you to order as many custom pickle ball paddles as you want! We have no limits on quantities or design features.

We offer quality custom pickleball paddles for players wanting to add that special something to their paddle! Our design experts can walk you through the process of designing your own personalized pickleball paddle.

Common Questions

How many can I order?

We do not have a minimum order for a custom pickleball paddle; however, you can receive discounts with a larger order!

What can I customize?

We allow you to complete customize the graphic on the paddle. You can use an image, text, logo, or graphic.

We also allow you to customize the grip and edge guard colors.

How do I start?

Fill out the form above, or send us an email to to start your custom order.

Do I have to design the graphic before starting?

No! If you already have your graphic ready to go, we can just get to printing.

If you need help designing your graphic and just have an idea in mind, our design team will design it for you at no extra cost!

How long does it take?

After your design is confirmed, it can take 3-6 weeks to complete your order.

Customizable Pickleball Paddle Price

Depending on the order quantity, each custom made pickleball paddle may receive up to 40% off MSRP for each designer pickleball paddle ordered!

Each custom pickleball paddle set can include custom designs, grips, edge guard, colors, and logos. 

Your pickleball paddle does not have to be boring, this is why we allow you to design your own custom pickleball paddle to improve your play and look on the court.

All of our custom made pickleball paddles include our revolutionary gritty surface to maximize spin and reduce vibration on shots. The gritty surface offers players the ability to put max spin on the ball and without losing out on control. Our custom pickleball paddles include a polypropylene core with a fiberglass surface layer that ensures the strongest most durable custom pickleballpaddle on the market. The polypropylene core shape also provides a larger sweet spot for effortless shots on target. 

For more information, or to receive a quote  for a custom pickleball paddle, fill out the information form above  and we will make sure to get back with you! 

About Our Paddles


Our USA Pickleball approved Evo-Lite Series pickleball paddle combines the perfect amount of power with the best control you can find.Core: Our premium core is made of a heat-treated synthetic polypropylene that provides for a large sweet spot, as well as more shots on target!


Our revolutionary USA Pickleball approved surface texture allows players to put the most spin on the ball, without losing any control or placement.



Composite Honeycomb

Surface Layer:



Dimensions:Overall- 16.5" X 7.5" ; Handle Length- 5.6" ; Handle Circumference- 4.25"
Weight:7.8- 8.2 ozCore: 13mm PolypropelenSurface: Fiber Glass

Pickleball Paddle vs. Pickleball Raquet

A pickleball paddle and a pickleball racket are often used interchangeably, but they refer to the same piece of equipment. A pickleball paddle is a piece of equipment used to hit the ball in the game of pickleball. It consists of a flat surface made of wood, graphite, or composite materials with a handle attached to the back. The size and shape of the paddle vary depending on the player's preferences and skill level. The overall design of the paddle is meant to optimize control, power, and precision in playing the game.

How To Build Your Custom Pickleball Paddle

A custom pickleball paddle is every players dream. The memories of your 10th grade football number right on the face of your pickleball paddle for everyone to see, but how does the process work? 

Submit the form above and make sure to include all the specifications for your custom made pickleball paddle order. Our design team will reach out within one business day to discuss the plans for your custom pickleball paddles. We will design your custom pickleball paddle and share a mock up imgae for your approval.Once approved, we can start the work on your custom pickleball paddle and get you on the court!

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to our professional design team to turn your dream into a reality! We will walk you through every step of the design process from start to finish and ensure you can't wait to get your paddle.

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