Collection: Kids Pickleball Paddles

Best Pickleball Paddles for Kids

Finding a paddle to fit a child is hard. After you know your kids want to play more, it is time to find them a paddle. The Salted City Sports Junior Series is the best pickleball paddle for kids. We have combined our top performing kids paddles with designs they will love!

Each paddle was hand designed and shaped to fit a kids hand. We made sure to produce a lightweight paddle so kids don't get tired holding a heavy paddle. Each paddle includes a powerful core so kids don't have to swing as hard, combined with a top of the line 18k Graphite surface.

Kids Pickleball Paddles

Who doesn't want their kids to join them on the court? The days of kids playing with adult size paddles are over! Introducing our first to market kids size pickleball paddles.

Each paddle was designed with your little ones in mind to fit their hand and allow them to control the size of their paddle. We reduced the weight to ensure it is easy for kids to swing and hit.

We combined these one of kind paddles with our unique and fun designs so kids find a paddle they love! We are always coming out with new designs, so make sure you stay tuned!

About Our Junior Series


Our Junior Series was designed to give kids the ability to play with a paddle that fits them! Most kids can't handle an adult sized paddle, that's why we gave them something they can!

Let them choose their favorite design, and let's hit the courts with the family!


Our Junior Series includes our smooth face to ensure your kids can see the bright designs and continue to love their paddle!



Composite Honeycomb

Surface Layer:



Thickness: 11mm

Dimensions: Overall-  13.75" X 7" ; Handle Length- 4.5" ; Handle Circumference- 4"

Weight: 6.0- 6.2 oz

Core: 11 mm Polypropylene (Honeycomb)

Surface: Graphite

What Equipment is Used in Pickleball?

While playing pickleball, there are only a few pieces of equipment you need.

Pickleball Paddle:
Importantly, it is important to grab a pickleball racket! This will allow you to hit the ball back and forth between you and your opponent. This guide will help you pick the right paddle for you! The Evo-Lite Series pickleball paddle is the best all around paddle for both beginners, and pros on the tour!

Next, a pickleball is also very important and crucial to playing the game.

Pickleball Net:
A net is necessary to play the game. A pickleball net 36" tall at the sides, and 34" tall at the center of the net. The net spans 20 ft in length, and 3 ft in height. Pickleball nets are found at local pickleball courts, or in stores. Another alternative is to purchase a temporary net. These temporary nets can be setup anywhere with a large enough playing surface.

Pickleball Court:
A pickleball court is 44 ft long by 20 ft wide. Like tennis, a pickleball court includes a left and right service court, and a 7 ft non-volley area referred to as the "kitchen". The kitchen is located on each side of the net.