Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball Paddle

The pickleball paddle was born in the summer of 1965 thanks to Bill Bell and Joel Pritchard. To start, a makeshift ping pong paddle was used to hit a whiffle ball over a bandminton net at 60". As time progressed the net was lowered to 36" which allowed for the ball to bounce better and players could play the sport we all love today. 

Pickleball Paddles are larger than a ping pong paddle, but smaller than a tennis racket. Many of them range in size, thickness, shape, materials, and colors. Commonly constructed of wood, composite materials, graphite, or aluminum, pickleball paddles come in a variety of materials. 

Wooden paddles are common among beginners since they have little to no power and control. Composite and graphite paddles are the most common among beginers through pros since they allow the most versatility and can match virtually any playing style. 

The first step to choose a good racket is to ensure it is USA Pickleball Approved. This will ensure you are using a regulation size, material, and core to follow the rules of the game. To ensure your paddle is on the approved USA Pickleball list, click here

What Equipment is Used In Pickleball

While playing pickleball, there are only a few pieces of equipment you need. 

Pickleball Paddle: Importantly, it is important to grab a pickleball paddle! This will allow you to hit the ball back and forth between you and your opponent. This guide will help you pick the right paddle for you! The Evo-Lite Series pickleball paddle is the best all around paddle for both beginners, and pros on the tour!

Pickleball: Next, a pickleball is also very important and crucial to playing the game.

Pickleball Net: A net is necessary to play the game. A pickleball net 36" tall at the sides, and 34" tall at the center of the net. The net spans 20 ft in length, and 3 ft in height. 

Pickleball nets are found at local pickleball courts, or in stores. Another alternative is to purchase a temporary net. These temporary nets can be setup anywhere with a large enough playing surface. 

Pickleball Court: A pickleball court is 44 ft long by 20 ft wide. Like tennis, a pickleball court includes a left and right service court, and a 7 ft non-volley area referred to as the "kitchen".   The kitchen is located on each side of the net. 

Pickleball Racket

A pickleball racket is the same as a paddle. Many ex tennis players refer to it is as a racket. 

Best Pickleball Paddles for Intermediate Players

Choosing a paddle is a tough choice. After you make the decision to take the sport more seriously, it is time to invest in a better paddle. The Salted City Sports Evo-Lite Series is by far the best pickleball paddle for intermediate players; this paddle also includes the coolest designs on the market. 

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Not only does the Evo-Lite Series include our revolutionary heat treated core, it provides a USA Pickleball Approved gritty surface to maximize spin and control on the ball. This approval ensures you are always playing with a certified paddle. Choose from many of our one of a kind designs, or create your own. This way you don't only play the best, but look the best too. 

Best Pickleball Paddle 2021

The Salted City Sports Evo-Lite Series was voted the best pickleball paddle of 2021. This means it is great for all skill levels. As mentioned above, our revolutionary technology includes the most advanced paddle that fits beginners to pros. Don't waste your money on a $200 paddle when you can get an even better one with a fun and unique design for under $100.

Review of Pickleball Paddles

Check out a real custom review left by Annie Jones who has been playing pickleball and crushing her competition with our Evo-Lite Series pickleball paddle. 


Where to Buy Pickleball Equipment

The best place to buy pickleball equipment is on SaltedCitySports.com. Check out our online store above where you can find premium paddles, grips, covers, shirts, balls, and much more for all your needs! 

Pickleball Paddles Near Me

Salted City Sports also has many of their paddles in local pickleball and sporting goods stores around the nation! To find out where a store near you is located, reach out to us through our online chat. 

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