Custom Pickleball Paddles

Ways to Build a Custom Pickleball Paddle

When you customize a pickleball paddle, it can turn it into your own; however, the process is not always easy, but some companies make it easy! Once you find a company to build your personalized pickleball paddle, it can be easier to start.


Custom Pickleball Paddle Shape

First, you need to pick your paddle shape. Pickleball paddle shapes come in many sizes and designs. Some players preferer paddles that are almost square with rounded corners, others prefer elongated and skinny paddles to increase your reach, and some prefer a standard rectangle paddle. Each player is different, and it is important to find a custom pickleball paddle that fits your playing style.


Custom Pickleball Paddle Core

Secondly, you need to pick your core and thickness. Paddles can range anywhere from 10mm to 16mm being some of the thickest. The differences in thickness can affect a paddles “sweet spot” which is where the most energy is transferred each shot. The sweet spot is the most important part of every paddle and very important when you customize a pickleball paddle.


Handle and Grip

Third, you need to pick your handle grip and size. Many ex-tennis players who customize a paddle prefer a longer handle. Many newer players prefer a shorter handle, but it all depends on which playing style you are best at. If you prefer to hit double-handed shots, a longer pickleball paddle handle would be best. If you are someone who like to sit at the net and dink (which you should) you might like the stability of a shorter handle. Each paddle isn’t complete without its grip. Grips can range in thickness, material, moisture absorbance, and color. Most players prefer to play with a strong grip that is soft on the hands, this allows players to have the most grip, without giving up any comfort.


Logo Design

Fourth, the design is the most important part. Whether you are building custom pickleball paddles for a corporate event, a team, or yourself and friends, the design could make or break the entire paddle. Carefully choosing what design features to personalize your pickleball paddle with is important. At the end of the day, make sure to choose something that you love and won’t get tired of! If you just want to customize the color, there are options for that as well!


Where to Build a Custom Pickleball Paddle

Pickleball is growing fast, make sure you are staying up to date with the latest technology and customization techniques that will ensure you win each point. Build a custom pickleball paddle according to your stregths, and you will be unstoppable on the court! Click this link to start building your paddle today!

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can you do a ‘from scratch’ design shape? i have one i’d like to have built.

joseph murray

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