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10 Mistakes All Rookie Pickleball Players Make

Hi! We are so happy you are starting to get into the sport we all love! We at Salted City Sports hope to build up a community around our paddles and pickleball. Below you can find some helpful tips to help you get started and lead you to dominate your competition! Pickleball is always fun to play, and even better when you win.

  1. The first mistake we find players make when they are just starting is faulting on your serve. Remember, the ball enters play no matter how much style you have! Just make sure the ball clears the net and stays within the lines, you can't get the point if the ball never enters play;)
  2. Don't go for hero shots! Make sure to return an opponents serve or hit rather than smack the ball as hard as you can! More often than not, your opponent will make a mistake as long as you consistently return their shots, no matter how good of a hit it is!
  3. Be aware of your positioning on the court! Many players are not aware of how close they are to the lines and save an opponents shot when it was going out of bounds!
  4. When your opponent sends a nice shot your way, don't get caught up in sending a better one back! Defense is key in pickleball, make sure you are only focused on returning their hit! Although it may not boost your ego as much, you will build more skill and eventually beat them!
  5. Don't be afraid to hit with your backhand! During a doubles game, many players let balls go thinking their team mate will get the ball even though the ball landed on their side. This results in each player assuming the other will get it, letting the ball double-bounce. 
  6. Don't allow a bad shot to dictate the rest of your game! Bad shots happen but it does not define you!
  8. Don't get caught on the wrong side of the court! Even though there are a lot more positioning tactics once you gain more skilled, remain in the middle of the court or your side (If playing doubles). 
  9. Power is often times better than placement. When just starting, power can help you own your competition. Placement can allow yourself to get into your own head and mess up the entire shot. 
  10. Don't focus on hero shots close to the line. If you catch you opponent on the opposite site of the court, it is always better to hit it down the middle than miss the shot out of bounds.

-The Salted City Sports Team

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