Pickleball Serving Guide

Pickleball Serving Guide

Are you struggling with how to serve in pickleball? Throughout these tips, we will teach you the best practices for serving while using a pickleball paddle. Serving is the best way to set yourself up for a point and score quickly. Serving can helps set the tone of each pickleball game and point by how good or bad the serve is. The only way to set the town is by controlling your pickleball paddle. 

A very simple and easy rule to serving is GET THE BALL INTO PLAY. A serve can set you team up for a quick point; however, it is imore important to put the ball in play. To do this, point your shoulders where you want the ball to go. Often times, players point their shoulders one way, then try to serve the ball with their pickleball paddle the other. This will never work. Face where you want to serve and learn how much power is needed to clear the kitchen and put the ball into play. 

Pickleball Serving Tip #1- Control the Pickleball Paddle

First, once you have mastered the art of getting the serve into play, next it is important to drive the ball deep. Watch this video below to see a perfect example of driving the serve as deep as you can. 

First, the player gives a great example on a deep pickleball serve. This allows the players more time to anticipate the return, and keeps their opponents as far back as possible. Secondly, the player returning the serve was forced to hit up on the ball, this created an easy drive for the serving team to win the point.

Pickleball Serving Tip #2-

Secondly, the next step is placement. However, you should be proficient with placament first. Watch the next video below to see a good example on how to control the placement of your serve in pickleball. 

Pickleball Serving Tip #3-

One last tip for serving in pickleball, it to ensure you have a pickleball paddle with enough grip to give you the control and power you need. Here at Salted City Sports, each pickleball paddle allows the player to have enough power to drive the ball deep, without missing out on any added accuracy. Our revolutionary gritty texture gives the ball the spin you need, and our core adds the power to always keep your opponent on their toes. 

In conclusion, serving can be tough, don't get down on yourself as you are starting out! Remember to stick to the basic and if you are unable to put the ball in play, focus on that first! 


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