Singles Pickleball Player

Pickleball Singles Strategy

Singles pickleball player

Pickleball court Spacing

Line up as close to center court as you can, this will ensure you can get anywhere on the court where your opponent returns your serve. Serve the ball deep to the back line and as close to the corner as possible. Make sure to hit the ball far enough to keep your opponent as far back as you can, without serving the ball out of bounds. If you are struggling to keep the ball in bounds, it always best to keep the ball in play versus hitting out every play. Make sure to keep you pickleball paddle ready for your opponents return. 

Hitting Strategy

Try to return your opponent’s hit as deep and in the opposite corner as possible. If you can do so, you might get the point quickly.

Get a Quality Paddle

To ensure you have the best game on the court, your paddle matters. Make sure to get a pro-style pickleball paddle in order to play like the pros. 

Follow your opponent

While playing, stay as far back as possible while following your opponent as they move back and forth. Just ensure you don’t get sucked too far to one side; this might provide your opponent with an easy point. Staying back allows you to reach most of your opponent’s shots.

Hit to back hand

When possible, hit the ball deep to your opponent’s back hand. Doing this will force your opponent to use a weaker back hand and you will have an easy pop up to return with force.

Always face your opponent

Never turn your back or side to your opponent. If you always face your opponent, you will have a better chance of anticipating where their return will go.

Drive each shot

Try not to hit too many lob shots to your opponent. A good player will be able to get to these quickly and drive your shot right back to the other side of the court. Whenever possible, hit a harder “line drive” shot, this allows you to avoid getting spiked on.


One of the only good times to lob a return is if you opponent has made it to the kitchen and net. If they do, you can hit a lob over their head; however, ensure that your lob is high enough where they can’t reach, while also keeping it in bounds.


It doesn’t matter how good or new you are to the sport. Always make sure pickleball stays light and fun! The pickleball community and culture can be preserved by the mutual love of the game and the dedication to get better together.

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