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Pickleball Gifs- Week 1

Pickleball Gifs 

Each point in pickleball better get a celebration. Everyone does it a little differently, so make sure you do it SALTED! Here is a pickleball gif to help you fix those lame dance moves you have...

Here at Salted City, pickleball is more than a game... We want you to feel that your paddle is a part of you, not just something you use to make your friends feel like they suck at pickleball. Each pickleball design is handmade and all our paddles are the best in the industry. Don't worry we know what you are thinking--everyone says they have the best paddles in the industry. Simple answer is, WE DO, so take it or leave it. 

We have truly revolutionized the sport of pickleball, not just with our sick custom pickleball paddle, but by adding pickleball gifs to pickleball. Name a better duo, we'll wait...